Youth service trip photos

Here are some photos from the youth service trip work days at Earthroots Field School in Big Oak Canyon.


Above: Yesterday we worked on clearing a driveway that will be used by a caretaker. It was completely overgrown by English ivy, and we also had to cut back brush on either side. The driveway was steep, the ivy was tenacious, and it was hard work. L-R: Robert, Samuel (way up the hill), Olivia, Amelia, Eleanor.


Above: Today, we cleared ivy and brush away from some of the main roads into the site. We also mowed grass and sagebrush from the main terrace. L-R: Amelia (with weed whacker), Oliva (with string trimmer), and Samuel (with scythe).


Above: Big Oak Canyon is a magical place. While we were sleeping, we heard deer walk by our sleeping bags, and owls hooting off in the distance. Fog rolled in over night, and we were high enough up the side of the canyon that we were up in the fog, and our sleeping bags got damp from it.

(Photo credit: Dan Harper)