Summer Sunday school schedule

Summer Sunday school is more like summer camp than Sunday school, with fun activities that often emphasize being part of a cooperative group. All ages from gr. K-8 are invited to join in. Middle schoolers make take on leadership roles by helping the lead teacher. High school students are always welcome to participate as co-teachers with the lead teacher. Summer Sunday school is a great way for kids to meet other kids of all ages, and it helps us towards one of our four major educational goals of building community.

Here are the planned activities that we’ll do in summer Sunday school:

June 30: Edie Keating will lead charades and other fun games.

July 7: Edie Keating will take everyone on a field trip to Mitchell Park (permission forms required, as we will be going off campus).

July 14: Kids help Edie Keating and other adults make Second Sunday Lunch.

July 21: Edie Keating, assisted by Dan Harper, will show how to decorate jars to make an attractive container.

July 28: Paul Kostka, assisted by Dan Harper, will teach kids how to make using paper and masking tape. Then we will launch the rockets using compressed air at Mitchell Park (parents join kids at Mitchell Park for the all church picnic; permission forms required, as we will be going off campus).

August 4: To be determined.


Sabbatical Religious Educator hired

The Sabbatical Seek Committee is excited to announce that we have hired a Religious Educator to serve the congregation during Rev. Dan Harper’s sabbatical.

Mr. Barb Greve will be filling in as a half-time Religious Educator, from Nov 1, 2017 to Mar 1, 2018. He will be supervising the Children, Youth, and Adult Religious Education Programs. Barb is a UUA Credentialed Religious Educator, at the Masters Level, with 11 years of experience as a Director of Religious Education at various UU congregations. The CYRE Committee will fill in for Dan during the month of October. The Sabbatical Committee (Maricia Scott, Edie Keating, Emma Grant-Bier, Wynne Furth) will be communicating more information about our new Sabbatical Religious Educator soon.

Posted for the Sabbatical Seek Committee: Heather Chen, Robert Neff, Audrey Erbes, Sally Ahnger, Tessa Swartz.

More about Barb Greve:

Barb Greve is one of the co-moderators of the UUA, the highest volunteer position within U.S. Unitarian Universalism — click here.

Not only is he an experienced religious educator, Barb Greve is a powerful preacher too, as you can see in this video:

Barb Greve is a strong advocate for diversity within Unitarian Universalism — click here.

With Rev. Sean Parker Dennison (who served as Sabbatical Minister while Amy was on sabbatical in 2910), Barb Greve co-founded Trans Unitarian Universalist Professionals (TRUUsT).


Parent Journey schedule announced

Parent Journey is a monthly discussion group for parents. Get to know other parents while talking about topics of mutual interest. Below is the line-up of Parent Journey sessions for 2016-2017. (Unless otherwise noted, all sessions are at 11 a.m. in room 10.)

Sun., Sept. 11:
Maricia Scott will teach us about Pokemon Go as a way to connect with your kid.

Sun., Oct. 2:
Alyssa Erickson will lead a session in which we hear from those who attend the district conference on religious education on Oct. 1 at UUCPA. If you went to the conference, what did you learn? If you are a parent of a child in RE, how are things going for your child? What are our hopes and aims in religious education? (This session will be held in the Fireside Room.)

Sun., Nov. 20:
Brooke Bishara will lead a discussion on judgement as it relates to parenting. By what criteria do we judge ourselves and others as parents? How does fear of judgement influence our parenting? How judgmental is our own culture here at UUCPA? Is “judgment-free” a real thing?

Sun., Dec. 11:
Linda Henigin will lead a discussion about scheduling and commitments. What do we value most, and do our values line up with our commitments of time, money, attention, and effort?

Sun., Jan. 8:
Megan Watson will lead a discussion about family organization. Come ready to swap tips and tricks for riding out the stormy seas.

Sun., Feb. 12:
This session on Teenage Mental Health will probably feature an outside speaker. Details TBA.

Sun., March 19:
Brooke Bishara and others will present information learned from a conference on healthy gender identity development in children and youth.

Sun., April 23:
Megan Watson will lead a discussion on summer plans and memories. What was it like for us? How is it for our kids? And what will I do with my kids in June?

Sun., May 21:
A discussion on self-care in parenting. Come and be nurtured — and learn to nurture yourself.


Multi-faith peace walk on Sept. 11

The Peace Walk on Sept. 11 is a great event for families to participate in! Here’s the basic info:

Multifaith Peace Walk & Picnic
Sunday, September 11
1:30pm Gathering; 2pm Program & Walk Begins
4161 Alma St., Palo Alto

Join people of many faiths and backgrounds to say “NO” to fear and division, and “YES” to friendship and peace! Mark Sept. 11with a 2.5 mile walk between diverse faith communities. Brief programs from different traditions along the way, concluding with a Peace Picnic at Mitchell Park hosted by American Muslim Voice.
Visit our webpage to REGISTER (very helpful but not required) and for more information about parking, route, shuttles, and volunteer needs.

Visit us on Facebook and invite your friends:


And here’s a press release describing the event:

Diverse Groups Come Together for September 11th Peace Walk and Picnic in Palo Alto

“We want to show our community and the world that, given the opportunity, people will come together to say ‘no’ to division, violence, and fear, and ‘yes’ to friendship and peace.”

On Sunday September 11th 2016, at 1:30 PM, a diverse group of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and other communities of faith will hold a multifaith peace walk and picnic in Palo Alto. The walk is sponsored by more than 35 local churches, synagogues, Muslim associations, and other spiritual and community organizations. The route of the walk will be 2 ½ miles long, beginning at Congregation Etz Chayim, 4161 Alma St, stopping at University AME Zion and Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church, and culminating at Mitchell Park at 4:30pm for a final program and picnic hosted by American Muslim Voice.

This day marks fifteen years since 9/11/01 with its stunning violence and polarization. Ever since, uncounted scenes of violence, and expressions of anger and hatred have deeply scarred us and driven wedges between people. This walk is meant to express our deepest hopes for healing.

“We invite people from all walks of life, whether they are people of a particular faith or no particular faith, all colors of the rainbow, left, right, and center, children, youth and adults, to join us on this walk for peace.” said the Rev. Dr. Diana Gibson. “We want to show our community and the world that, given the opportunity, people will come together to say ‘no’ to division, violence, and fear, and ‘yes’ to friendship and peace.”

Participants who are walking express various hopes for the message of the event, including, “Empathy and compassion for others,” “Embracing differences,” “Taking back Sept. 11,” “Time for everything – to lay down concerns that separate us,” and “Making best decisions as a global community.”

The walk is organized by Multifaith Voices for Peace and Justice, a grassroots organization that has worked for peace and social justice for 14 years. “We’ve been so gratified by the momentum we’ve seen as we shared the idea for this walk with individuals and organizations,” Gibson said. “With the news filled with violence and fear, people have been really looking for something, anything, that they could do to make a difference. Walking together, getting to know each other, breaking bread together, these are acts of peace that can and do make a difference.”

Parking will be available at Congregation Etz Chayim on Alma, with overflow at the Unitarian Universalist Church at 505 East Charleston. A shuttle bus will be available to take people to and from parking lots. Additional details on the walk can be found at