Podcast: Faith development and developmental stages

In this podcast, Rev. Dan Harper and I discuss the concepts of faith development and the developmental stages humans go through,  and what those of us who are teaching Sunday school should know about these concepts.

This is the first of four podcasts about faith development and human developmental stages in this series of podcasts.

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4 replies on “Podcast: Faith development and developmental stages”

Excellent, Dan and Joe! Thank you – looking forward to more. I’m curious about R Goleman (?) and the aspects of his concepts that you like/ nourish your thinking and work, Dan.

Laura @ 1 — I have read Daniel Goleman’s book “Emotional Intelligence,” and I found it challenging and stimulating. Goleman is one of several people who have been challenging the primacy of the IQ test in education. However, as far as I know, there’s no research on Goleman’s ideas of emotional intelligence as related to developmental stages. I would also say that Goleman is primarily a writer and synthesizer, he’s not someone who’s doing research himself.

Hope this addresses your question!

I wonder if this might be a future podcast topic: How can our CRE program develop children’s social and emotional intelligence? Should social and emotional intelligence be considered a religious skill?

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