The Secrets of Happy Families

I listened to a fascinating segment on NPR this morning on “The Secrets of Happy Families.” Author and parent Bruce Feiler shared ideas from his experiences about child-rearing and creating healthy family dynamics. Some of his “secrets” are: 1) Let your kids pick their punishments; 2) Don’t worry about family dinner; 3) Tell stories about family history and your life to your kids.

What parenting strategies work for your family? What ideas or practices do you wish you had know much earlier? Please share your experiences in the comments section below or by clicking the “Leave a reply” link!


UUCPA Church Building Construction in 1958

This film was shot by Donald Borthwick and William Kellogg from March to July 1958. It features the groundbreaking and construction of the church main hall and buildings.  In 2007, Rae and Elton Bell had the 8mm film digitized and transferred onto a DVD to show at a UUCPA celebration. In the 1960s, several hundred children participated in Sunday school each week.


Podcast: Accommodating differences

What do we do when we have children in our Sunday school classes who don’t fit neatly into the common patterns of development? How do we accommodate and embrace children with different language and social skills? In this podcast, Rev. Dan Harper and I discuss these questions and more.

This is the last of four podcasts  about faith and human development as they relate to children’s religious education.

If you missed any of the previous podcasts, you can go to the UUCPA website to see an index of available podcasts.


Podcast: Faith development and chronological age

In this podcast, Rev. Dan Harper and I talk about faith development and chronological age, and addresses questions like:  what happens when someone who grew up with no religious upbringing decides to join a Unitarian Universalist congregation?; and how can we help children new to UUCPA feel welcome?

This is the third of four podcasts about faith development.