Week 6 – What happened today?

Please consider sharing a little bit about what happened in your CRE class today. Also, think about: What happened in the children’s religious education classes today? What worked well? What do you wish went better? What would you do differently next time?

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I was stressing a bit Saturday as I read the course material. I couldn’t quite make out what it’s goal was. And the activity suggested (making chalice symbol) looks very similar to what was done a few weeks ago.

With Heather’s help, we stepped back, looked at the material, and simplify it down to a simple goal of getting the idea that “the Chalice is the symbol of our church”. With that in mind, we came up with a plan to focus on symbol. Heather suggested that we could take a “bus trip” to look for symbols. Adding on that, we decided to make chalice symbol necklace, place them randomly around our “bus route”, and have the kids look for them. Also, we printed famous symbols so the kids can identify them as we travel. For example, we have a cross, handicap sign, recycle sign, McDonalds’ golden arch, Jolly Rogers (pirate), Disney, star of David, etc.

Everything worked pretty much as we expected and I thought it went well. During our starting circle time, we lead in with the idea that having to write “Unitarian Universalism” is too difficult and having a symbol makes it easier to identify ourselves. We then started with our “bus trip”, making sure that seat belt was fasten. We started from our class room, went to the Evans Garden, passing Amy and Dan’s office, went by the main hall (quietly), to the labrynth, then back to the class room. The kids spotted all the chalice necklace and did a great job identifing all the symbols. Here are a few observations:

– The part the kids enjoyed the most seems to be the search for the chalice necklace.
– It was hard to keep the kids in a single file in our pretend bus.
– It was important to the kids to be fair in terms of who is riding in the front of the bus. Eventually, I started to rotate the kids from the front to the back. Looking back, a good way to do this is tell the kids that the person in the front of the bus is the only one who can take a necklace. And once a necklace is acquired, he/she will go to the back of the bus. That way, everyone has a chance to ride in the front.

After our bus trip is over, the kids decorated their chalice and had snack. We also spent a few minutes in the closing circle reviewing what we learned.

David — I enjoyed reading your thoughts above. As an outside observer, I loved the way you had the children lined up in the “bus.” They appeared to be enjoying themselves, and they obviously loved finding the chalice necklaces. Whatever your other learning goals were, it was clear to me that you were meeting the first big educational goal for our Sunday school — for the children to have fun and feel they are a part of a community.

— Dan

Rev. Dan Harper

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