2021 No-rehearsal Christmas Pageant

Every year, UUCPA has a light-hearted and participatory “No-Rehearsal Christmas Pageant.” This year, families will be able to join in the pageant either online or in person.

All children in grades K-8 were mailed a packet of do-it-yourself costumes for the pageant. The packet includes animal ear headbands, crowns for wise persons, and a sheep mask, all printed on cardstock. Kids can cut them out, color them in, and bring them to the pageant, whether they watch online or come in person.

If you watch the pageant online — When the ministers call for the different characters, put on the correct costume, and turn on your video.

If you come in person — Bring your costumes, and be ready to put them on when the ministers call for them.

If you’re an adult or a teen who wants to participate, PDFs of the costume cut-outs, with instructions, are online here:

Click on the preview above to download the PDF.

Preschool meditation curriculum

Kris Geering, one of our Sunday school teachers, has been developing a six-week Sunday school curriculum on meditation for preschoolers called “building Blocks of Meditating.” She and Carol Steinfeld taught this class in April in May, and got a positive response from the 4-8 children who showed up each week.

Kris has given us permission to publish this meditation curriculum online. To read it, click here.