Teacher resources

Here are some basic resources for Sunday school teachers and youth advisors of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto:

Teacher’s manual — Resources for teachers, including goals and objectives, how to organize a session of Sunday school, basics of teaching and learning, and a summary of policies and procedures.

Safety policy for children and youth — Details our congregation’s policy, and summarizes legal obligations in California.

Curriculum plan 2014-2106 — Spreadsheet showing suggested lesson for each week of the UUCPA two year curriculum plan, for 2014-2016. Teachers may substitute other lesson, or create their own lessons, to accommodate the interests of their class.

Curriculum resources — has links to curriculum books online, where available.

Teacher podcasts — A series of ten minute audio podcasts giving introductions to teaching, with Joe Chee, Ph.D. candidate and master educator, and Dan Harper, associate minister of religious education.

Games for CYRE (Children and Youth Religious Education) — A great way to end a Sunday school session is with one of these games. Or if you run out things to do some Sunday, access this Web page with your smartphone, and find a game you can play with your group!

Volunteer job descriptions — for various volunteer positions.

Classroom set-ups — Diagrams showing how your classroom is supposed to be set up for you on Sunday morning or evening.

Request for Payment form — print this out, attach receipts, and submit to the Assoc. Minister of Religious Education to be reimbursed for approved expenses.


Team Teaching Schedule for 2014-2015:

This is a Google Docs spreadsheet with this year’s CYRE schedule. Here’s how to make a copy for your teaching team on Google Docs: log in to your Google account, then click on the link above, then in the “File” menu choose “Make a copy.” Once you make a copy, share it with the other members of your teaching team using their email addresses (please share it with Dan, too, so he knows who’s teaching when). Then you can all enter the dates when you are available on the same online document!

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