Guest at Your Table time is coming!

What is Guest at Your Table (GAYT)?

GAYT is the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) annual program that highlights people around the world who have been helped by UUSC. Each year several are chosen and their stories are described in the pamphlet, “Stories of Hope.” At the end of this post are descriptions of the people chosen this year.

If you want to get the children involved, here’s a suggestion for what you can do in your Sunday school class or your home:

Choose one of these people each week and leave an empty chair in your class, or at the dining room table. Perhaps you can take the page from the booklet, “Stories of hope,” and tape it to the chair. Briefly mention the person and what their situation is and explain UUSC’s role in their lives. You can read what I’ve written below — short and sweet. Or read the longer description in the pamphlet, “Stories of Hope” (available at UUCPA).

Sunday school teachers could suggest that each family do this at home, and teachers can make sure that each child has a box to take home to collect money. How much money should be donated? — perhaps the amount that the evening meal would cost for one more person.

Both parents and teachers can emphasize to children that everyone joining together in a small way can bring about changes in a big way.

The GAYT boxes should be returned to the UUCPA office by Sunday, Dec. 20.

Questions? Talk to me, Beth Nord, this year’s GAYT coordinator!


Stories of Hope:

UUSC Chvany and Straser

1) Catherine Chvany & Alexander Strasser (above), two holocaust survivors, came to the U.S. as children. Both were able to make the trip because their parents requested Martha Sharp, who, along with her husband, the UU minister, Waitstill Sharp of the Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts Unitarian Church, went to Europe in 1939 to aide in the refugee crisis.
UUSC Castillo

2) Lilian Castillo, above, who with the help of a UUSC partner organization RAICES (Refugee & Immigration Center for Education & Legal Services) was released from the Karnes County Residential Center, an immigration detention facility near San Antonio, Texas, after 10 horrific months.

UUSC Ramirez

3) Irish Grace Ramirez, who, after Typhoon Haiyan blasted through the Philippines, killing thousands, worked with a UUSC partner organization to help herself and others recover from the psychological devastation.



Take on a fun social justice project — host a Guest at Your Table meal! Share food with family and friends, and learn more about food sustainability and raise money for human rights projects throughout the world. Find out how, and sign up here.