Summers at UUCPA

Summer Sunday school in 2017

From June through mid-August, we offer Summer Sunday school for children entering grades K-6. Summer Sunday school is more like day camp — fun activities, often outdoors, with a chance to meet kids in other age groups. In 2017, summer Sunday school runs from June 4 through August 6. Regular programming resumes in mid-August.

Note that from mid-June through the end of July (June 18 through July 30 in 2017), there will be only one service at 10:30.

Summer Sunday school activities for 2017:
June 4, 9:30: Act out stories with Dan Harper
June 11, 9:30: Make UU chalice crafts with Kris Geering
   (Summer services begin; one service at 10:30)
June 18, 10:30: Learn some origami with Dan Harper and Hong Bui
June 25, 10:30: Make brunch for UUCPA with Edie Keating and Tina Kochel
July 2, 10:30: No Sunday school due to Independence Day holiday
July 9, 10:30: Cook 2nd Sunday lunch with Edie Keating
July 16, 10:30: Fun TBD with Edie Keating
July 23, 10:30: Make brunch for UUCPA with Edie Keating and Tina Koche
July 30, 10:30: Field trip to Mitchell Park with Tina Kochel
   (Return to two services; Sunday school at 9:30)
August 6, 9:30: Act out stories with Dan Harper
August 13, 9:30: Intergenerational water communion service
August 17, 9:30: First day of regular Sunday school
August 24, 9:30: Regular Sunday school

(Specific activities may change at the discretion of the adult leader.)


Summer activities for other ages

Preschoolers are invited to go to child care with our paid child care providers.

Middle school activities may be organized by middle school families over the course of the summer. Be sure we have your email in the CYRE database so you can be notified in case of any activities. If your family would like to organize a social activity, contact Dan Harper.

Senior High Youth Group are not planning any summer meetings in 2017.

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