On Sunday mornings:

Staying in the service: Infants and toddlers are always welcome to stay with their parents in the service in the Main Hall. Note that if your child needs to be active, you can take your child in the lobby where you can hear and watch the service without worrying about disturbing others. Also, the ushers have a limited number of earpieces that allow you to hear the service while staying with your child elsewhere on campus.

Child care options: Infants and toddlers up to three years old are welcomed by our paid child care providers in Room 7/8. (Child care providers in Room 7/8 will change diapers if needed.)

Child care is provided for both services, from 9:00 to 12:30, August through mid-June. For the weeks when there is only one service at 10:30, child care is provided from 10-noon. You must be on campus when your child is in child care, so our child care providers can reach you if needed — but we encourage you stay as long as you like, perhaps attending the first service and then hanging out with other parents afterwards to talk. (Some parents even take a nap in their car if they need the sleep!)

To meet our child care staff, click here.

What happens when your child turns three? Children who are older than three may stay in Room 7/8 if that’s where they feel most comfortable (e.g., if they want to stay with a sibling). Children who are at least three may also attend Sunday school for preschoolers (August-May), or they may go to child care in Room 2/3 where they will find more age-appropriate play options. For more about children three and up, click here.

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