Religious education staff

Associate Minister of Religious Education:


Rev. Dan Harper works closely with the Children and Youth Religious Education Committee to set curriculum, monitor our educational goals, and chart overall direction for the programs. Dan provides pastoral care to families, and assists other programs that support families. He often teaches in the Sunday school and advises the youth group. Dan also works with the Adult Religious Education Committee, and attends meetings of the Board of Trustees. Dan has been working in Unitarian Universalist congregations for two decades, and has served as a Director of Religious Education, Minister of Religious Education, interim minister, and parish minister.


Religious Education Assistant


Hong Bui manages attendance and enrollment records, maintains supplies, serves as a substitute teacher when needed, sends reminders to volunteer teachers, and provides administrative support for the Associate Minister of Religious Education. Hong is a Registered Nurse who works part-time at UUCPA because she likes the children and the community.


Child care providers for infants and toddlers (Room 7/8)


Antonia de Salvidar has been working at UUCPA for a decade now. She works full time at the Redwood City child development program, and has worked there for 13 years.



Daisy de Salvidar has been working at UUCPA for more than five years. She is pursuing a medical assistant certificate at Canada College, and is also taking classes in early childhood education.



Pamela Palmer has been working at UUCPA for more than a decade. She has course work in child development, and is a long-time babysitter. She is currently taking classes at Foothill College.


Josefina Celaya has been a child care worker at UUCPA since 1999.



Child care providers for Rainbow Chasers (ages 3 and up, Room 2/3)


Pari Mahjoubina has been working at UUCPA since 1995. She has a B.A. in education and philosophy. During the week, she works for Child Care Careers.



Jaleh Samai has been working at UUCPA for more than ten years.


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