Parent Journey schedule announced

Parent Journey is a monthly discussion group for parents. Get to know other parents while talking about topics of mutual interest. Below is the line-up of Parent Journey sessions for 2016-2017. (Unless otherwise noted, all sessions are at 11 a.m. in room 10.)

Sun., Sept. 11:
Maricia Scott will teach us about Pokemon Go as a way to connect with your kid.

Sun., Oct. 2:
Alyssa Erickson will lead a session in which we hear from those who attend the district conference on religious education on Oct. 1 at UUCPA. If you went to the conference, what did you learn? If you are a parent of a child in RE, how are things going for your child? What are our hopes and aims in religious education? (This session will be held in the Fireside Room.)

Sun., Nov. 20:
Brooke Bishara will lead a discussion on judgement as it relates to parenting. By what criteria do we judge ourselves and others as parents? How does fear of judgement influence our parenting? How judgmental is our own culture here at UUCPA? Is “judgment-free” a real thing?

Sun., Dec. 11:
Linda Henigin will lead a discussion about scheduling and commitments. What do we value most, and do our values line up with our commitments of time, money, attention, and effort?

Sun., Jan. 8:
Megan Watson will lead a discussion about family organization. Come ready to swap tips and tricks for riding out the stormy seas.

Sun., Feb. 12:
This session on Teenage Mental Health will probably feature an outside speaker. Details TBA.

Sun., March 19:
Brooke Bishara and others will present information learned from a conference on healthy gender identity development in children and youth.

Sun., April 23:
Megan Watson will lead a discussion on summer plans and memories. What was it like for us? How is it for our kids? And what will I do with my kids in June?

Sun., May 21:
A discussion on self-care in parenting. Come and be nurtured — and learn to nurture yourself.