Sunday school evaluation

We had our annual Sunday school evaluation session with children and middle schoolers today. Approximately 20 children participated. As usual, firt we asked kids to rmember things they had done at UUCPA during the last school year. One of the middle schoolers listed those thing on a large sheet of paper. Then kids voted for thos things they both participated in, and liked.

Here’s the list of activities, followed by the number of votes (my explanatory notes are in parentheses):

visiting Buddhist temple — 3
Judean Village, pottery — 7
Judean Village, making bricks — 2 (this was actually an activity from two years ago)
Judean Village, painting — 6
naming Guinea pigs (during petting zoo) — 3
making trophies out of sand — 1
petting animals (petting zoo) — 8
hot chocolate — 10
learning about Islam — 4
making fudge — 6
eating bagels (snack in class) — 8
eating donuts (snack in class) — 9 (I think some of the votes were wishful thinking, kids who would have liked to eat donuts in class)
reading — 16 (i.e., any time you read a book while at UUCPA)
sitting through a boring Sunday school class — 0
campus work day — 6
running from people — 6
Navigators — 5 (every kid who was in Navigators who was present voted for this, we just didn’t have a lot of Navigators)
bringing my pet rats from home — 1
writing down things we remember doing at UUCPA — 1
OWL gr. 4-6 — 0 (i.e., no one was willing to *admit* they liked it)
OWL gr. 7-9 — 0 (ditto)
walking the labyrinth — 10
thinking about unicorns — 6
playing mafia — 6
game night — 7 (this is the Sat. game night; several children who didn’t know about it said they wished they had gone!)
making cinnamon bread — 7
purple — 11 9i.e., liking the color purple while at UUCPA)
random stuff — 17
waiting for teacher to call on me while my arm is aching — 8
story of Hannukah — 5 (during main service0
Christmas pageant — 9
Morris dancing — (looks like we forgot to vote on this one)

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