New online trainings

UUCPA requires annual safety trainings for all volunteer teachers and youth advisors. We now have two different online versions of this training, to make it more convenient for all volunteers to complete their annual safety training.

1. In one version of the online training, volunteers join an audio conference call using Skype. We use both the audio and texting capabilities of Skype to refer to online materials. This training is conducted by the Associate Minister of Religious Education, and any volunteer may participate. The training takes about 30-45 minutes to complete, depending on how many volunteers are participating in the training, and is scheduled by the Associate Minister of Religious Education (MRE).

2. The other version of online safety training is only for returning volunteers. This version of the training takes about 35-40 minutes, and uses a combination of videos, text, and quizzes to review safety policies and procedures with experienced volunteers. Anyone may view these materials, but don’t take the quizzes unless you are invited to do so by the MRE. You can check out this training here.

Of course, many volunteers prefer to do their safety training in person, and we will continue to offer in-person safety trainings!