CYRE newsletter

UUCPA RE newsletter: September, 2012

1. September calendar
2. From your Associate Minister of Religious Education
3. Family BBQ
4. Hotel de Zink
5. Family Choir
6. Intergenerational water communion

1. September calendar

Sat., Aug. 31, 5:30: Family BBQ (see below)
Sun., Sept. 1: No Sunday school due to Labor Day weekend, child care available
Sun., Sept. 9: Intergenerational water communion at both services (see below)
Sept. 13-16, Bass Lake retreat (this trip is full)
Sun., Sept. 16, 9:30: Special Sunday school with Dan Harper
Sun., Sept. 23, 9:30: First day of regular Sunday school

2. From your Associate Minister of Religious Education

Our regular Sunday school starts up three or four weeks after the local school systems start up — this year, it starts up on September 23. This has proven to be a family-friendly schedule — families can deal with school start-up, and just come to UUCPA to relax. We continue our relaxed summer Sunday school sessions right up to September 23. i also enjoy the intergenerational water communion service on the second Sunday in September — it’s a great time for kids to be part of the Sunday services (see below for more info.).

I like to teach Sunday school myself in the weeks between the first day of weekday school and the opening of regular Sunday school. It’s a chance for me to get to know the kids a little better. So I taught Sunday school the past couple of Sundays, and I got to hear children talk a little about how they’re either looking forward to their weekday school, or not looking forward to it. I think the children appreciate having a friendly supportive place where they can talk about these things — and I know they appreciate being able to come to UUCPA and relax with our informal programming. (I wrote up an account of what summer Sunday school is like on my blog, and you can read it here: )

Hope to see you and your children at the water communion service on September 9, and at the last summer Sunday school session on September 16.

3. Family BBQ

Come enjoy good company and a BBQ dinner at UUCPA this Saturday September 1st from 5:30-7:30pm. Have kids? You should come. No kids? You should come too!

Where? UUCPA Playground — so the children can play!
Schedule: 5:30 Appetizers, 6:00 Dinner
Menu: Grilled hotdogs, chicken, veggie burgers, sausages — Side salads — Water, lemonade, wine — Marshmallows and s’more makings.
Optional — bring your favorite beverage or side dish to share — but it’s fine to just come.

Suggested contribution $4 adult $2 kids, but pay what you can is fine.
Everyone welcome — all ages — with or without children — just come and share a meal outdoors.

4. Hotel de Zink

During the month of September, UUCPA hosts a rotating homeless shelter called “Hotel de Zink.” Each night, one family from UUCPA provides the meal for the shelter. Cooking a meal for Hotel de Zink is a great way for families to do a social service project together. If you’d like to know more, contact Edie Keating edie.keating100/at/gmail/dot/com — or you can sign up and ask questions after services on Sunday. The schedule is filling up, so don’t wait if you think this is something your family will want to do.

5. Family Choir

Want to sing? Family choir is a great way for kids (and adults) to have fun singing. Director Lena McCleary says — Please join us!

Family Choir meets to rehearse on Sunday mornings from 10:45 to 11:30 in room 9. The requirement for family choir is the ability to read (as Lena does not teach the words by rote), and a desire to sing. Children are welcome with or without parents; adults are welcome with or without children.

For the remainder of 2012, Family Choir will rehearse on the following Sundays:
Sept. 9th and 23rd
Oct. 7th and 21st
Nov. 4th and 18th
Dec. 2nd and 16th

If you have any questions, please email them to: FamilyChoir/at/uucpa/dot/org

6. Intergenerational water communion service

On Sun., Sept. 9, we’ll have our annual “water communion.” Everyone is invited to bring a little bit of water that represents their summer — it could be water from your own house to represent your garden, or water from a grandparent’s house you visited this summer, or what-have-you. During the service, you’ll have a chance to empty this water into a communal bowl to show how we’re all connected.

Children and youth tend to enjoy this service — it is experiential, participatory, and welcoming. One parent or other adult (grandparent, etc.) should be sitting with each child, to help keep them focused, and to be available to take them to child care during the service as needed (child care will be available during both services). Attending intergenerational services is a great way for our kids to experience what it means to be part of a UU community.