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UUCPA RE Newsletter: April, 2012

1. April calendar
2. From your Associate Minister of Religious Education
3. Intergenerational Easter service and Easter egg hunt
4. Spring project: “Peace Experiments”
5. UUCPA Passover Seder

1. April calendar

Sunday, April 1, 11-noon: Parent Journey, topic: “Discipline and Limit Setting.” Contact: Kristen-Marie Freeman Williams (email address in your email version of this newsletter).
Tues., April 3, 7:15 p.m.: Children and Youth Religious Education Committee meeting. Contact Heather Chen, chair (email address in your email version of this newsletter).
Saturday, April 7, 5:30 pm: Passover Seder (see below)
Sunday, April 8: Intergenerational Easter service with easter egg hunt between the services(see below)
Sunday, April 15: First week for “Peace Experiments” (see below)
Sunday, April 22, 10:30 a.m.: Fourth Sunday brunch

N.B.: For OWL schedules, please see separate email!

2. From your Associate Minister of Religious Education

We’re gearing up for another fun spring project. This year, we’ll be doing a peacemaking curriculum called “Peace Experiments,” a classic Unitarian Universalist curriculum which I have updated for today’s kids.

The goal of this program is to give children the experience of peacemaking activities; rather than talk about the horrors of war and violence, we’re going to find out what it’s like to be and feel peaceful. If you want a taste of what the curriculum is going to be like, check out this non-competitive game from the curriculum which I posted on my Web site:

“Peace Experiments” is a program that helps fulfill the third of our four big educational goals: to help children learn the skills associated with liberal religion. Not only will kids learn some peacemaking skills, they will also have a chance to participate in leading Sunday services during the culminating Sunday services on May 20. There will be a variety of ways kids can help with this service, including everything from passing out cookies to speaking during the service (for older kids).

Last year’s spring project was so much fun that our average attendance went up in April. I think this year’s spring project is going to be just as much fun, and I look forward to seeing you and your children some spring Sunday.

Cheers, Dan

Rev. Dan Harper, Assoc. Minister of Religious Education
Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto, California
“Transforming ourselves, each other, and the world.”

3. Intergenerational Easter service and Egg Hunt

The annual Easter service and Easter egg hunt will take place on Sunday, April 8. In the service, kids will get to hear the Unitarian Universalist story of Easter (which, not surprisingly, has a definite social justice slant to it). Between the services, there will be the annual Easter egg hunt.

We always need help preparing for the Easter egg hunt. If you can help bring eggs or treats, please contact Heather Chen, chair of the Children and Youth Religious Education Committee or Dan Harper (email addresses in your email version of this newsletter).

4. Spring project: “Peace Experiments”

The spring project this year will be a peacemaking curriculum called “Peace Experiments.” Children in gr. K-5 will get to choose between four different activities related to peacemaking: non-competitive games, making a peace quilt and origami peace cranes, singing peace songs, and baking for peace. Purple class (gr. 6-8) will do skits and and other peacemaking activities. (Pre-K children will enjoy fun activities.)

“Peace Experiments” will run from April 15 through May 6, with a culminating peacemaking Sunday services on Sunday, May 20. All children in gr. K-8 may participate in presenting the culminating Sunday services — kids will help lead peace songs, pass out cookies, display the peace quilt, and help lead a non-competitive game in the Main Hall.

5. UUCPA Passover Seder

Seder is the centuries-old traditional Passover dinner celebrating freedom and thanksgiving. It’s become tradition each year at UUCPA to have our own communal Seder dinner in our main hall to allow us to share in this part of our living tradition. Many of our members treasure these evenings and come back year after year. Special foods are prepared and dinner is eaten as part of a ritual telling the story of the deliverance of the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt.

In addition to being educational, these are fun family events with interesting and tasty foods, speaking parts, and an afikomen “treasure hunt” for children, and a great pot-luck supper together with church friends.

This year, our Seder celebration will be held Saturday evening, April 7, at 5:30 pm. Each person/family is asked to help with set up, host a table, or clean up, to bring food to share, and to contribute a nominal amount for the cost of yummy ritual foods.

Sign up in advance is required so we can plan — please sign up from March 18 through April 1 at the Seder Table on the Patio.

Questions? Contact Susan Plass or Rev. Amy Zucker Morgenstern (contact info in your UUCPA directory). Don’t miss this great evening!